Bycicle tour in Timor-Leste

Inspired from the Tour de Timor, I tried today to bike to the the Kap Fata Cama.

I rent a very old bike at East Timor Backpackers and was happy to get something for getting around, because there is no scooter rental service. The only thing you can rent are big motobikes.

On my last day in Dili, I found a few guys, which would rent me their private half automatic scooter. Unfortunately it was too late for me.

My bycicle was a very old one, the brakes didn't work well and the wheal bearing was damaged too.

The famous Oktoberfest, you can find copies everywhere in the world, in Timor-Leste as well.

Map of the North coast of Dili

On the way to Christo Rei in the East of Dili.

The citizen of Dili rebuild the Maria and Joseph story in some streets.

Fake christmas trees for sale in Dili.

A different kind of direction sign.

Direction to Hera. This is not only the name of the town where the major power plant of Dili with a capacity of 50MW is built. It reminds me also at my first horse, because I called her Hera. 
Hera was in the greek mythology the daughter of Kronos und Rhea and she was the sister and wife of Zeus. Hera is the female version of Heros.

The Harbor of Dili on the right hand side.

Mangroves and the mountains behind.

Surroundings of Dili.

Christo Rei am Kap Fatu Cama. Jesus spread his arms not really over Dili. The statue is directed to the West. Though the timorese people are thinking it is a gesture to Jarkarta.

Christo Rei

Traditional roof in Timor-Leste. 
Christo Rei statue on left in the background.

Yeah, sometimes I had the impression, that some timorese citizen don't want to listen.

A guitar playing turtle. Nice sculpture, but I have no idea why the sculptures were positioned along the beach. 

Another christmas tree near the beach.

On the way uphill are 14 stations of the Cross.

A little bit below the statue are a few nice trails for trekking, also to wonderful lonely beach.

A little chapel below Christo Rei.

View from the top to Dili.

The event place in front of Kap Fata Cama.

This statue looked similar to the one in Lissboa and Rio de Janeiro, but it was sponsored from the Indonesian government while the occupation periode in 1988. They tried to make themself more popular for the timorese citizen, because the majority is catholic here.

The pope Johannes Paul II. blessed the statue while his visit in 1989. The people of Timor-Leste are calling the statue "Jesus - What can I do?" because of the wide-open arms.

Jesus - what should I do?

The first time, that I saw not a straight horizon and it is not a distortion of the lense.

It was a very exhausting tour by bycicle to Kap Fata Cama, but with a lot of nice and interesting impressions.

The flag of Timor-Leste shows the history, the present and the future of this young state:

The flag of Timor-Leste and the meaning of the colors:

The color black stands for the suppression of the county. Yellow represents the fight for the sovereignty. The color red is for the shed blood and the white star symbolizes the hope for a better future.

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