Marvellous March in Myanmar - Fullmoon day of Tabaung

Sunset at Shwedagon pagoda, Yangoon, Union of Myanmar

Did you know that March is the most colorful month and the best time for observing the spiritual rituals of the people living in Myanmar? Plan your trip now!

The largest and most impressive festival is called "Full Moon of Tabaung" and it is similar to Makha Bucha Day in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Read more about Mahka Bucha Day. 

Swedagon Pagoda at night.

Tabaung is the last month of the year in the traditional Burmese calendar. The festival starts already at New Moon and continues till Full Moon.

64 Pagodas encircle the base of Swedagon Pagoda.

The festival at the Shwedagon Pagoda will be held from 25th-26th March 2013. All over the country are plenty of festivals during this time, but the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangoon, the capital of Myanmar, is place of the finest event on the Full Moon of Tabaung. Last year I participated during this time. 

One of four entrances. 
This is the entrance on the West side of Shwedagon.

Foreigners had to 5 US-$ and can only enter at one special entrance at the South site. In compare to the pilgrims we can use the escalotors.

One of the entrances for pilgrims.

Venerating a holy event is more than just going to the temple and praying. Visiting the pagoda during this time can give you answers about the people's believe and the spiritual rituals by participating and observing.


The Shwedagon Pagoda is more than 2500 years old and enshrines strands of Buddha's hair and other holy relics. The legend tells about two brothers bringing this relics from a visit at Buddha's place to Yangoon.

The Shwedagon Pagoda in the middle of Yangoon, 
on top of Singuttara Hill.

The origin height of the pagoda was only 8 meters and raised up till 110 meters today.

It's surface is covered by donated gold plates and the top of the stupa is adorned with 4531 diamonds. The largest is a 72 carat diamond.
Here are more details and the floor plan of the Swedagon Pagoda.

                                                                                       © Wikipedia

The pagoda is surrounded by 64 shrines.

Around the whole compound on the East-side of the Pagoda are plenty of food-stalls, a stage for music concerts, karaoke-shows, hawkers and fun ride businesses for kids.

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