Hot Springs in San Kamphaeng

Today it is very cloudy, but I never expect what later happend. I was on the way to San Kamphaeng. This is located 30km to the east of Chiang Mai.

I passed already San Kamphaeng and saw a sign for the hot springs and mentioned to be at the goal, as a heavy tropical rain came down and it was so cold, that I start shivering. I had still 10km til the hot spring and you can be sure, that I definately took later a bath in the hot water.

The entrance fee for the park is 20 THB and to the mineral swimming pool another 50 THB but it is every Bath worth.

The Mineral Bath is a Pool outside, but covered and has a warm waterfall.

lovely ways and a lot young Thai couples visiting this place.

for a foot bath

hot spring

for those who bought eggs in a small basket. first I thought the baskets are for eastern ;)



there comes very hot air out of this small pipeline, but good enough for drying my totally wet clothes......looked just a liitle bit stupid to stand still on the pipeline while drying..... lol

looks similar to the mineral bath, only smaller

there is also a possibility to take an accomodation for staying over night

tree is dead because of the aggressive and hot mineral water

sediment from the mineral water

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