Impressions from Dili

After two postings with less pictures, another one with more:

View on Atauro Island in the North of Dili.

Beach of Dili in the West.

Dili's harbor is small, but very busy.

Christo Rei statue in the East of Dili.

Beach and lighthouse

Dili is surrounded by mountains and the sea.

One of the new buildings, also most of the embassies are build new.

Dili's North coast

One of the canals for the water coming downhill in rain season.


Beach and lighthouse

Amazing tree at the esplanade.


Tour de Timor, a yearly popular bycicle race around Timor-Leste.

That fits to the sentence of President Gusmao in 2006: "If you, east and west, trust me, then hug everybody at home, keep calm and help to keep calm mutual."

Everbody longed for peace.

The majority of the people in Timor-Leste is catholic.

View to the Christo Reis statue in the East-side of Dili.

Dili's streets are full of UN-vehicles.

Ferry at the harbor.

Building a christmas tree by 35 degrees celsius and over 80% humidity.

Governors building

Another view to Christo Rei statue.

Every organisation has a brandnew SUV.

Bemo like in Kupang, Indonesia, only bigger and older vehicles and not so noisy (sound-system).


Every organisation is in Timor-Leste for helping the country to progress.

Christmas time by 35 degrees celsius.

Maria statue

Merry christmas to everybody from Timor-Leste.

A small map of Dili and a few contacts for easier get around Timor-Leste:


They are renting only big motobikes, no scooters in Dili.

The ferries and the schedule

...and also to Oecusse, the enclave.

Travel company for heading to Indonesia.

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