How to withdraw money at cashpoints in Thailand without paying a fee?

Are you bugged of paying 150THB each time you withdraw money at an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) in Thailand too? Then read further how to avoid this ripp off:

There was once upon a time when all banks lived together in harmony with foreign tourists in Thailand. The foreigners were able to withdraw money at their cashpoints without paying a fee and we loved to spent our heard-earned money in amazing Thailand.

But times are changing and the financial world in Thailand recognized how to make money with tourists too.

And so it came, that every bank in Thailand started asking a fee of 150THB in 2010. From this point on we have to pay each time when withdrawing money at their cash terminals.

150THB are around 3,25€ and they take this fee independent from the amount you withdraw.

Every bank? No, not every bank! There is still a glimpse at at the end of the tunnel.

One bank is still left. One of the financial institutes is grasping this unilateral trend and is not asking this fee when withdrawing money at their cash dispensing machines.

It is the AEON-bank.

Granted, they have not that much ATM's in Thailand than other companies, but there are at least 340 cashpoints (November 2012, take a look at the spreadsheet below) in Thailand.

You can find them at popular locations, but sometimes it is not that easy to recognize them. Firstly their machines are grey and not colorfull than other ATM's. 

ATM of Aeon bank in grey color.

And secondly they haven't the best spots in a some buildings.

For example: If you look for an cashpoint in Bangkok's newly refurbished and reopened "Silom Complex" you will find the more popular ATM's in yellow and green/red color from other institutes in the first and second floor. The AEON-cash-dispensers instead are located at the fourth level, directly to the left of their branch.

And if you found them finally,you are not sure if this is an ATM, because they are much bigger than other one's.

If you take a look at the list of locations where to find their cashpoints you will see they are in most popular places, like Big C, Tesco/Lotus, Carrefour, IT Square, Future Park, Central, The Mall, Robinson and many more.

Come on, let's join and show the power of tourists to the other greedy banks and  withdraw your money at AEON-cashpoints!

And may be we are able to change the financial world to a better way...... ;)


  1. So helpful! I don't have any cash on me now and will only withdraw when I'm there.

  2. I got an account at the German DKB Bank. They promise that you can withdraw money for free worldwide on every ATM with a Visa sign. If you ask them, they pay you the fee back. They transferred over 30 € to me without a problem.

    1. Exactly, they do! But DKB is asking each time you are using this Visa-credit-card abroad 1,75% of the amount you take.

      In compare credit-cards of other bank institutes charge you only 1% of the amount!

      So, you can use for withdrawing higher amounts. The question is, why should you carry a higher amount of money in Thailand, if you don't need it?

  3. This post is no longer true. Starting this month, Aeon is already charging 150 baht for every transaction. I was very surprised and tried other ATM cards, with the same results. Too bad there are no other ATMs like that here in Bangkok.


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