Weird! New mass rally in Bangkok on November 24th and 25th

The Pitak Siam Group starting a mass rally in Bangkok.

I just got an e-mail of the German Embassy in Bangkok. But it is not about my application for a second passport. No, it is a warning for all registered German residents and tourists to avoid the area around the parliament, the Dusit zoo and the Government House because of the scheduled mass rally on November 24th and 25th.

One week after Obamah's visit in Bangkok there is another big event, but it  will show a sorry sight of "Amazing Thailand".

Two and half years after the big riots between the Red Shirts and the Government with more than 90 deaths, the Pitak Siam Group behind Ex-Army General Boonlert Kaewprasit will hold a mass rally in Bangkok. 

This group are ultra-royalists and they will demonstrate against the current "red-colored" government.

I was 2010 in Bangkok too and remember exactly my feelings and what happend during this weird situation. (Read more)

To save the inner security in this area, the government remitted legal regulations (ISA) for Phra Nakorn, Pomprab und Dusit districts. Entering this districts can be limited and electronical devices can be out of order and a curfew is possible.

Closed roads on Saturday:

1. Rajvithi Rd (from Karn Ruean to Rajvithi intersections)

2. Rajdamnoen Nok Rd (Makkawan Rangsan Bridge to Misakawan intersections)

3. Uthong Nai Rd (from Uthong Nai intersection to the Royal Plaza)

4. Pichai Rd (from Khattiyanee to Rajvithi intersections)

5. Phitsanulok Rd (Wang Daeng to Panitchayakarn intersections)

6.Lukluang Rd (Wissanukam Bridge to Thevakam Bridge)

7. Nakhon Pathom Rd (Orathai Bridge to Wat Benjamabophit intersections)

8. Rama V Rd (from Panitchayakarn intersection to Lukluang Rd)

9. Likhit Rd

The police advised commuters to use Sawankalok Road, the part of Rajvithi Road and Sukhothai Road instead.

The foreign ministry of Germany advise tourists to avoid this districts. Every other tourists spots are not in affected, neither in Bangkok, nor in other parts of Thailand. 

The Red Shirts plan to held another rally at Udon Thani (North-East of Thailand).

What an upbeat for the traditional Loi Krathong festival which is starting tommorrow in bangkok.

Is this the "Amazing Thailand" we want to visit or to live?

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