Where are the white elephants? - part I

Another smashing event is crashing the event calendar in Thailand's amazing Miracle year 2012.

Don't miss the Elephant Round Up Festival in Surin!

Around 200 elephants from the whole country joining this anual get together since 1960. They are comemorating the importance of the elephants in Thailand and showing the bond between the people and their elephants.

Surin is a little town in the North-East of Thailand, this area is better known as Isaan. Don't be afraid, even if the location is around 450km in distance to Bangkok, it is quite easy to get to Surin.

You can travel by one of many trains or you take a bus. Both is convenient. The bus takes 7 hours and 20 minutes (depending on the traffic jam heading out of Bangkok) and even with the 1st class bus is stoping for a free meal, snack and drinks in Nahkon Ratchasima for 20 minutes. 

The train will take around eight hours, but the journey can be more scenic than going by bus.

There are a night bus as well as a night train available and you will be in the same daily rhythm when you arrive in Surin in the early morning hours.
The railway station and the bus station are located in the center of the city. So it is quite convenient to head for the accommodations.

Hotel rooms are still available, although I had to change my room today, so I asked many hotels for available rooms. The prices starting at 350THB.
My choice for the next two days in the Majestic Mansion. Very spacious rooms, Kingsize bed, ac, tv, fridge, desk, free Wifi, hot shower and central located. The prices during the festival on Friday and Saturday are higher than the ordinary days. I have to pay 1000THB/night, regular price is 500THB, but hey, this is everywhere in the world the same, correct?

I couldn't see His Majesty's white elephants in Hua Hin, but here I found one:

Is anybody interested how to make it?

Let's join a three day event with a stunning performance in traditional clothes   which shows historical scenes of the last stroke against the Burmese, fenced with war elephants and other entaining presantations during this event.

More in part II: The Grande Bouffe

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  1. Love your pic of the white elephant, but looking forward to see pics of the real ones!


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