Huai Kaeo Waterfall

A nice trip with a motobike on adventoures way to Huai Kaeo Waterfall, passing The Giant Tree and lots of
Rice fields.

 I pass some high hills on the way.

rice field

Mae Kok River

landslides everywhere from all that rain

wall paintings

rice harvest


Giant Tree


the streets are undercutted

tea plantation near the Akka Village

the area around the waterfall

last few meters in front of the waterfall




the way further to the second waterfall above the first one


braided with thin bamboo rods


for the way back, i took another way down the hill. through the jungle instead of along the waterfall.

my motobike is still there :)

the way to the akka village, but i headed back to chiang rai. enough adventure for today.....

very simple bridges

be aware of the bad street conditions

another street, also undercutted




strange, take a look....

soldiers at the temple

and this too....?????

last view from the temple on the hill down to Mae Kok River

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