Wat Rong Khun

Wat  Rong Khun, also known as The White Temple.

Normally it is really nice to take pictures of this unique temple, because there are some ponds around the temple and with sun and blue sky you will get there fantastic mirroring pictures.
Today it was very rainy and the only good thing was, there were less visitors, so easy to take pictures without anybody in front of you.

everywhere little pieces of mirrors

filigree work

the roof

everything is white or silver, only this building is different, it`s golden coloured and it is the toilet.

grotesque heads hanging on a tree



This kind of presentation shows the conflict between the people living in Thailand. He started doing this in 2008.

and a lot of buildings are under construction. the artist will take another five years til his is finished with this temple.



it is not allowed to take pictures inside the temple, unfortunately.
because there is a not finished wall painting with unmystical coherence.
he tried to integrate the presence into this artwork.

but i will publish some pics next time :)

the wall behind the buddha



the museum, the entrance is for free and very nice and helpful stuff. the artist is working there and living in the second floor, but not allowed to take pictures.


the toilets

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