Swimming with Dolphins at Lovina

Just arrived in the earlier hours of the evening and no place to stay for this night, although everybody wants to sell us the dolphin tour.
Anyway after a few stops at different accomodations and talking with some guys on the street, we met a nice local guy who brought us to Harrys Homestay. One of the recommanded homestays in Lovina.
A very friendly tawanese lady welcome us and we decided to stay.

We also decided to take the dolphin tour with this nice local guy who helped us finding this homestay, though we "booked" him. But we decided to start one hour later, so around 7am. Because there should be so much boats on the Bali Sea and it makes no sense in the middle of so much "hunters"...... and it was the right decision.

At the end somebody else, an older guy picked us in the morning up for the tour, anyway.....this guy had a lot of experience how to get the dolphins near the boat and where they come to the watersurface next.......and the breakfast, made by his wife, was also great......Bali kopi and some coconut stuff in banana leafs.

our boat

black sand like everywhere in the north of Bali

Bali, do you see the dust in the morning?

Breakfast on sea

They are so fast

A mutt for the Tunas, the favorite snack for dolphins.

Better late as never I had the idea to swim in the Bali Sea with the dolphins and I did. But unfortunately there didi no pictures exists. But it was amazing to know there are free "wild" dolphins  around you.

What a turmoil and a lot of boats are already on the way back to Lovina

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