Water Temple

You will find two water temples near Amlapura in the east of Bali.

We passed first the one near the coastline, coming from Seraya. This temple is called Taman Ujung.


One hint: Don`t try to eat a fresh green banana. That can not only bugger your T-Shirt and trousers, also the whole day with clammy fingers.

The King`s Family.

The last King.

The question is, who is the real motif of the picture? ;)

So it can happen......

The other temple is Tirtagangga on the way back to Amed. 7km to the north after Amlapura. It is also called the Fountaine of Youth. There is also a public bath inside.

Later we know why they put that prohibition sign here.

That`s the reason why there is a sign that fishing is forbidden.
Two guys were sitting on the stairs and fishing in the temple.

Who was the bad guy?

Food for the cow?

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