Around Labuan Bajo

One day I rent a motobike and drove around the area of Labuan Bajo. It is a very nice and lush district til Ruteng.

Close to Labuan Bajo is a small cave which is worth to see it. On the way to the cave I looked for some fuel for the motobike and so I asked a woman on the street where to buy patrol. She is studying in Bajo and she arranged the fuel for the motobike too.

Later she offered me to show me around the area, espacially the cave which I am interested in. We had a nice smalltalk and on the other hand sobering. She told me about her small monthly budget. She and her two other friends living together in a small house, I would rather say a small old hut. She supposed that they have not enough money for buying local vegetables and so theyhave only rice three times a day.

What should I say, it was hard to believe, because all of them looked well nurtured. Anyway, we had a nice time together and little bit further down you will find the pictures of the cave and the area around Labuan Bajo.

Our guide in the cave.

Doesn`t look very reliable.

Very large insects in the cave.

also bats

and huge spiders too.

lush surroundings...

The roots taking their way....

Coastline south of Labuan Bajo.

My rented motobike. First time manual ..... that was funny lol

This on the way uphill behind Labuan 
Bajo to the East.

View from the North back to Labuan Bajo.

Harbor of Labuan Bajo.

The snorkeling spot close to Labuan Bajo.

At the harbor of Labuan Bajo

I love the colorings over Flores at sunset.

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