Calong Island - Sunset and Flying Foxes

Calong Island is the home of thousands of Flying Foxes. I saw them the first time in at the zoo of Singapore in 2010. They are bigger then a regular bat and for everybody who don`t know this animal, you`ll find more Information here.

With beginning of the twilight there are uncountable Flying Foxes flying around Calong til Rinca Island.

This spectacle starts with a very loud noise when they wake up at twilight and it takes til late night were you can here them.

They were too fast for me.

Difficult to see, but there were many Flying Foxes.

What a bizarre color game.

The best sunsets I ever saw here in Flores.
The are just AWESOME!!!!

Never saw such a beautiful sunset before, here in Flores you can see it nearly every day. It is a very special light, because the structure of the atmosphere is totally different to other indonesian islands.

It was so awesome!!!

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