Rinca Island

We arrived at Rinca around 7am. It was just a 30 minutes ride from Calang Island to Rinca.
I hoped the dragons were by this time more active as on Komodo and it was the correct decision.

Rinca Island, a lush natural paradise, not only for dragons :) There are some accommodations too. May be next time....?

After a short walk to the ranger station we were welcomed from a nice Ranger and he explained our two hours trip on Rinca.

Out of his office our Guide welcomed us too and we started with our tour at once.

A few meters later, near the kitchen, we found the first dragons and they were bigger as on Komodo and were really more active and quite fast. They came out of the lush and natural environment and sometimes I was surprised where they came from, because I didn`t hear them. But don`t worry, our Ranger took care about me.

We saw then a few other dragons, females along our trail and at least I have to say it was awesome. There were 8 dragons on Komodo and 7 on Rinca Island, two of them in lush nature.

Next time I wouldn`t visit Komodo again. Just a one day trip to the closer Rinca Island, or staying a few days there.... :)

After Rinca Island we spend two more hours heading back in direction to Labuan Bajo.
The last spot was really amazing with wonderful corales along the beach.

Unfortunatelly I have no underwater camera. :( Hopefully next time. A highly recommended location for snorkeling and diving.

Rinca Island

At the bay where the pier of Rinca is located.

At the pier.

Food for the fish.

our lunch

´The way to the ranger station.

A lot of crabs on the way to the Ranger Station.

You can plant a mangrove and support the environment of Rinca.

Accommodation, not just one ......

What kind of wildlife exists in Komodo NP.

Some wildlife ended up here.

The most visitors are foreigners and they come in July, August and September.

How many dragons live in the NP and on which island.

The first one at the kitchen area. He looks not as lazy as the ones in Komodo.

"hmmm.....waiting for breakfast or taking a tourist?...."

He looks really hungry and was very nervous.

You can`t hear them walking.......amazing.


This are male ones. That`s only possible when they not in the rut.

Their salvia is full of deadly bacterias.

Do you also remeber Jurrassic Parc?
Looks like an Raptor.

This one was very fast on the way and I didn`t recognize him behind me. :(

Looks like he is wearing a chain mail, like a knight.

Isn`t it fascinating?

Rinca is totally lush and amazing, because the other islands doesn`t look as lush.

The female dragons are using this for puting the eggs there and also for sleeping.

The young dragons can climb on the trees and they have to do this, because the older ones are catching the youngsters and eat them.

This is a very famous plant in Indonesia.


A symbiosis of two plants.

She layed there.

"Nobody can see me."

This bird is digging the holes where the dragons are sleeping and putting their eggs too.

a fruit

The Highlands of Rinca Island.

With a fantastic view.

View to Komodo Island

At the bottom the bay of the pier.

On the way back to the ranger station.

I favorite place for dragons because of the water.

back at the pier

Bay of Rinca Island

Food for the dragons????? They told us, they didn`t feed the dragons anymore, only when they do a documentation for TV.

That looks different....... hmmm?

great snorkeling and diving spot

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