Follow Robert Langdon's tracks during the Night of the museums in Florence

Bartolomeo Ammannaties built this amazing Fountain of Neptun. He rides on four seahorses. This magnificent fountain is showing the dominat power of the Republic of Florence in medieval times. 
On the left in background the Gucci Museum. On the right side Palazzo Vecchio.

Florence is well known for her ancient treasures from the time of the Renaissance. Renaissance means reincarnation after dark and bleak times of the mediaveal Europe. 

The dome of Florence, in front the smaller tower of todays National Museum.

Fascinating cultural highlights from the Renaissance are presented in unique and spectaculur buildings around the historic center.

On the Piazza della Signoria you will find a replic of Michelangelos David in front of the Medici's Palazzo Vecchio. It is the famous and probably most pictured naked male in the world.

The Night of the museums take part all over Europe and in Florence too. The popular night will return next Saturday, May 18th. Many museums in Florence and the Tuscany will open the doors free for everybody from 7pm-1am.

Participating museums in Florence are:

Uffizi Gallery
Palatine Gallery
Palazzo Vecchio
Accademia Gallery
The Museum of San Marco
The Medici Villa of Poggio a Caiano
The Medici Villa of Cerreto Guidi
The Medici Villa of Petraia
University science museums

Palazzo Vecchio, main location of Dan Brown's new book

Discover the hidden secrets of Palazzo Vecchio. Follow the tracks of Dan Brown's protagonist Robert Langdon in his new novel called "Inferno" which is published today. The new story take part in the historic center of Florence and many of the impressive buildings are envolved. 

Dan Brown's new book sounds often like a perfect travelguide through Florence. There is no need to spend money for another travelguide anymore. Robert Langdon, alias Dan Brown, leads you to all the important historical buildings, describes details of paintings and sculptures. He recommends a cafe on Piazza della Signora as well. ;)

Sometimes it sounds more like a big campaign for pushing tourism in Florence, but however. 

Just sit back and relax reading (if possible, because this book is so exciting). When you're too excited just follow the steps of Harvard professor Robert Langdon and explore the "hidden" secrets around Florence. Try to unravel the mysteries and enjoy fiction, fact and history, perfectly combined by Bestseller author Dan Brown. (More informations about Dan Brown's new book.)

Chapter 1 reading for free!

Inferno as hardcover or kindl download

The almost 100 meter high tower of Palazzo Vecchio

For opening details and the special event schedule click here. For a complete list of museums take a look here

Take a weekend in Florence and enjoy the Night of the museums! 

By the way, for ice-cream enthusiasts under my readers another important information: 

The Firenze Gelato Festival starts May 17-26, from 12:00-24:00.

More informations about this festival here.

In case you're looking for a place to stay: ;)

Times are changing
This was the so called "straw hotel" in earlier days.
 - A prison with straw on the floor -
 Today, you have to pay 500€/Night for sleeping at this luxury hotel.

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