The Black House

Inspired from The White Temple took the artist of The Black House a dfiferent way to perform his imagination of religion, or better non religion.

This is not a temple, although he looks from outside like one. It is more like the way of living without religion, although there is some buddhism interieur.

you`ll find them everywhere in Thailand coloured in gold

wooden reliefs

the entrance

skin of a crocodile

everywhere dried skin

roof timberbering

different kind of armchair

buddha and not in black color?

a bug on the skin of a crocodile

and a painting which is totally misplaced

also spare-parts


a big shell

entrance socketfrom second building in white color

roof timbering

the toilet, interesting interieur

lots of ladles at the wall

for the toilet paper

pelts as far you can see

building with wooden reliefs around

storage area under the house for stuff they dont need right now

turtle shells





living lawnmower


tools for rice harvest








a boat




looks like they are eating....



bathroom or bathbungalow

for catching fish

tanned skin


the most valueable work of the artist

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