Doi Su Tep

Doi Su Tep is a beautiful temple on a mountain, 15km west of Chiang Mai. Located in a Natural Park near a few waterfalls.

Not at least the way up the hill is very interesting and offer some beautiful sights over Chiang Mai.

nice hotspot over Chiang Mai




be careful when 007 is coming along the way

seems that forest fire is not unknown in this area


Airport of Chiang Mai

small waterfall before Doi Su Tep

Two ways getting up to the temple. Either by an elevator, or by feet. In this case they dont check your ticket for the temple (20 THB). The ticket for the elevator is about 30 THB. 


traditional dancing in the temple


musicans at the temple


what do you think are people doing?


wood relief

and where is dad?

you can catch a good view by perfect weather conditions over the whole area



very noisy, not only about the birds, also cicadas


looks like the european game "mikado"


wall paintings




spare parts

The entrance fee to the waterfalls in the national park is around 100 THB plus 20 THB if going there by motobike.

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