A few days ago I booked a flight to Hong Kong, but I realized later that this will be on 9/11.

I had already problems using the web-check-in. (It seems, I am the only one who has problems with the check-in via Internet). Is this a bad omen?

Above the clouds on my flight to Hong Kong

I received no e-mail and no bar-code for the boarding pass, so I asked a woman at the domestic check-in-counter for assistance at the airport. Fortunately, she was more friendly than all the other employees of Air Asia and printed my boarding pass. I dropped also my baggage for the international flight at this domestic counter.

So I missed the long queue at the Hong Kong check-in counter. :D

The flight was not fully booked, exactly the seats of the airplane were only half occupied. I had a silent place at the back. It was a very relaxed flight till the descent.


We flew threw a cloud and the aircraft joggled and we could feel plenty of heavy vibrations. The seatbelt signs switched on and a few seconds later we felt in an air hole. I couldn't feel the seat anymore, because I lost the contact. If I would not belted, I had touched the ceiling. That was a really big air hole. The other passengers were scared and I heard nervous voices.

The spook was finished a few seconds later and a mexican lady in front of me noted "I was so scared! I thought it is a bomb." Obviously I looked a bit astonished and she explained immediately, "today is 9/11."

Descent to the airport of Hong Kong.


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