Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson was born 1906 in Greenville, Delaware and worked in front of the second WW as an architect.

He went to the military and fighted in Europe and came to Asia. Here he worked for a company which had the goal to give Thailand his freedom and independence.

Before finishing this try the WW ended. He came back to Bangkok as an officer from an intelligence service. After his job, he returned once again to Thailand and he took some investments in an old handcraft, the manufacturing of silk.
He designed a lot of cloths and published worldwide the silk of Thailand. 

Jim Thompson bought six houses, made of Teakwood. Some of them werde older then 200 years and they dissamble and transport them, partially from the old kingdom town Ayuthya, to Bangkok for rebuilding in a new arrangement. With this building, directly at a klong, he gets worldwid popular too.

While a walk in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia on the 26/3/1967 he disappeared forever.

His Horoskop says that he would die with 61 and he disappeared with 61.

directly at a klong

living room 

the living room with wooden handcraft from myanmar (in the spotlight)

the restaurant

spirit house to beware of bad ghosts

the terrace in front of the living room

the cat is the pisspot for men, just take off the head

roof gutter for all that rain 

spirit house 

back entrance from the klong

main house

house from Ayuthya

lot of sculptures from china, myanmar, thailand and whatever he liked

a fishbowl

table with a big plate of porcellan

under the main building

left: fishbowl for winter, right: fishbowl for summer

wooden carved culture from china

entrance hall

entrance hall

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