Thai Cooking Class

I`m back in South-East-Asia. Starting in Bangkok and first tried my best for getting more knowledge about the Thai culture. So I have done a Thai Cooking Class.

This time I will show more pictures and less text. :)

We made 5 dishes, but first of all we got an exercise at a local market about the gradients.


Garlic and Shallots

dish 1: Tom Yum Koong, Creamy Style - Hot and Sour Prawn Soup
My favourite soup!

Noodles in saltwater

making coconut milk with coconut meal and water and a lot of work

dish 2: Pad Thai Sai Kai - Fried Noodles Thai Style
The well known food for backpackers. ;)

steamed rice

dish 3: Laab Gai - Northern Chicken Salad
Not my taste, but anyway.....

dish 4: Kang Khiao Wan Gai - Green Curry with Chicken
Curry.....yummi, yummi......I love it in all kinds.

dish 5: Mun Ted Gang Buad - Banana in Coconut Milk
Very tasty and a different tast of the bananas.

That was a fantastic experience in thai cooking. Most of the dishes are very easy to handle, only a few things making more work. All together is ready in a few minutes and tastes so excellent...... :)

Bon appétit !

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