Travel to the U. S. will be safer in the future ;)

After the death of the world's most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden, traveling to the USA increase security measures.

Yesterday was the world's most sought top terrorist in a 45-minute firefight killed, as Barack Obama  expressed. The order was carried out by U.S. special forces, more precisely, 24 Navy Seals. They tracked the millionaire on a large property, near the Pakistani capital Islamabad and started the attack with two helicopters.

The government reported he was killed and they took care about the body "in accordance with Muslim practices and traditions". Further information said, he was already buried by sea burial.

After his death travel to the States shall be more safe for us travellers. We want to spend more time for checks and get more certainty... ;)

Is this right? Do we really want more security policy on our travels? Do we want more bureaucracy (such as ESTA)? Do we want more of data exchange between the countries? Does travellers not spend enough time at borders and airports with numerous security checks, usually two or three the same kind. And how often can we listen to discussions about the meaning, or rather nonsense of such measures?

Why is it at some European airports still possible to bring water and other bottles with liquids more than 100ml on board (and that not even in a reclosable bag)? It does not matter how many bottles you take on board! While other airports are ultra precise companies (including Stuttgart, constantly come through on close monitoring).

It's ridiculous how far the security concepts are now thriving. We have body scanners, data exchange, records that pass with credit card data and what brings us the final analysis?

More security, we are promised at least.
But countless tests showed us: There are always new ways smuggling weapons on an airplane.

The 100% certainty is only when all people respect each other and are not in hate and religious fanaticism.

And until that happens, we have to arrange our time schedule according for extensive security measures on our travels.

And even after nearly 10 years of chasing THE terrorist and his death on yesterday's Sunday, we will continue to heard again what we have been told in the past 10 years that everything happens only for our good. ;)

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