Monkey Forest

One famous tourist attraction is the Monkey Forest in Ubud. It is a small nature reserve with a lot of monkeys. You can buy some bananas to feed them, or just watch how they play, fight or anger the tourists.

There is also a area with a temple which is also used for cremation ceremonies. A view over the small wall in opposite the main entrance of the temple, let you catch sometimes a few warans of one meter. They`re looking for the remains of the offerings which were thrown regardless over the wall.

A short trip downhill left of the big covered place let you see another spectacle around noon. The people of the village gathering on a place for betting on rooster fights. So far so good, but the looser will massacred in my eyes.

First they take a small short peak of metal and cut one of the legs. Then they try to cut the main artery at the neck and sting into the heart of the rooster. Then he will be put aside and  they until the blood leaks. Some of the rooster want to run away......we know that from some clips where chicken run without head away til they die. Afterwards the rooster will be plucked and prepared as offering or for eating.

I didn`t take pictures of massacre the roosters.

And sorry for inconvenience about some dark pictures.

some of them have fun alone....

The temple in the Monkey Forest:

A look behind the wall, where all offerings end. A pretaste on Komodo.....

Rooster Fights:


the looser

monkeys on the cementry

A Ceremony at the evening in the temple of Monkey Forest:


Before I forget, they shooted in the monkey forest for the movie "Eat, pray & love" too. But no need to take a look here because of the movie!!!

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