Brutish ceremony near Bajawa

After visiting the hot spring we went further to a small and lush waterfall.

On the way we passed a small village where they start to have a ceremony. A ceremony is nothing special in Indonesia, because they have hundreds of them, but this one was a brutish one and I never believed to see something in Indonesia today. If you can`t or won`t see blood, don`t look at this in my eyes terrible and "unhuman" pictures at the end of this blog!!!!

Although we drove by motobike and weared a helmed we heared a terrible sound while driving along this village and at the end we find out, that it was the screaming of pigs, which werde killed brutish.

Our guide told us that this was a ceremony of katholic and agnostic people. Honestly I am not sure about that! I google and find something about pig offerings of the Nada culture in Flores and this was also very confusing.

It looks like it is, pigs.

The pigs getting be roasted under the leafs.

They fix them three legs and put down the head on a piece of wood. Then they take a machete and split the head of the victim without any anesthesia.

The screaming was horrable....

still alive

Some of them have to wait close beside for their brutish death.

After killing them, they cut the stomage.

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