After the short visit of Bajawa I travelled further with the other guys I met on the ride to Bajawa.
We took once again a local bus and started around 6am. The busdriver and the other two guys were the same, who asked me last evening near the local market for a ride to Moni. But we booked already at the Happy Happy Guesthouse. Ok, at the hotel we payed 80000Rp. plus a commison of 5000Rp..

This time it was not so convenient as the last time to Bajawa. It was very tight and can`t understand how the indonesian young woman slept on the whole drive beside me. She only sat on the edge of the bench and put her arms and torso on the top of the seat back in front.

The landscape was not as beautiful as to Bajawa and also the road conditions were really worse and we were all happy to reach Ende in the South of Flores. We had lunch there, but this time we had to pay for it and I was more thean surprised how expensive this was. We were at a Makasan Pedang and I payed 24000Rp. for just a few pieces of different stuff. Normally it costs around 12-15000Rp. Anyway.....everything is more far away from Java......bla bla bla.....

On top of the roof of our bus was a pig bondaged and still alive. They put some green leafs on top of the pig against the heat and that it has some food. Fortunately our luggage was safe and clean after the ride. :)

The busdriver dropped us of at our selected Bintang guesthouse. It doesn`t look what I am expected and so I looked around for something else, but I couldn`t find something better. They ask for horrable prices and the accommodations are in a bad condition, so the bathrooms are mostly mold and bungalows looking nice outside, but inside doesn`t work anything. Every room or bungalow for 1000000Rp was not what I looked for. So I took the most expensive room for 200000Rp.. They give me some discount, because I stayed alone in my room. Anyway, I had a hot shower and a clean room.....

They offer free internet but that is only a 3G-Connection and most of the times it is slow as an analogue modem. The Welcome Drink is a nice welcome, but the breakfast is very poor. Just a pancake and a coffee or something similar.....

There is also a market in Moni on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Later at the afternoon I walked around Moni and talked to a lot of people there. They were so friendly and I had a great time. I looked also for renting a motobike. I planed to go uphill for sunrise on next morning. But on the way back I met a guy who rent a car with driver for the whole day and he offered me a good deal. The others agreed.

local traffic

He liked the bath

but he didn`t like audience

harvest work

also a lot of waste around the area

Lopes, an artist, a really nice guy.

The way to a traditinal village. I didn`t want to see another one with electricity and satelitte antenna, so I missed this.

but very nice people along my way

Never saw such a lot of water buffalos on one place....

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