Sunrise at Mount Kelimutu

Today we want to get on top of the hills around and see a sunrise at Mt. Kelimutu. We started around 4am with our rented car, but the car worked not very well on the way uphill. The engine stops a lot of times and we were afraid not to reach the top til the sunrise.

Fortunately we arrived exactly for sunrise on top. There was a longer walk til the top and the plattforms for watching the rising sun at the three crater lakes.

It was so awesome, only breath taking. Let`s take a look at the pictures.....Here is part I.

first view on one of the three crater lakes

the black lake

Mt. Kelimutu

view on two of the lakes

the dark lake

myself, happy but very cold up there


lots of clouds coming up

interesting the rising clouds...around Mt. Kelimutu

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