Traditional Villages

On the second day in Bajawa we planed an excursion by rented motobikes. William was our guide and he rented the bikes to us. He is a friend of our finnish travel buddy and she arranged everything.
We had also an offer from the Happy Happy Guesthouse, but without a guide and it was a little bit suspicious offer. Anyway we decided us to take William as our guide to the traditional villages around Bajawa.

First we visited Bena and then Bela. The most famous villages around this area. Unfortunately the progress doesn`t stop at this villages and so sounds very popular music from big loudspeakers over the whole village.

There was also elictricity and satelitte antennas to see and it doesn`t fit in our eyes with the "traditional" villages......anyway, it was interesting to see, how they live.

We made another stop at the hot springs close to Bela, but they aren`t so interesting as the ones on Bali near Lovina. Here it was only a source running into the small river.......

Afterwards we went to a very nice small and lush waterfall. On the way we passed a small village where they start to have a ceremony. A ceremony is nothing special in Indonesia, because they have hundreds of them, but this one was a brutish one and I never believed to see something in Indonesia today. If you can`t or won`t see blood, don`t look at this in my eyes terrible and "unhuman" pictures at the end of this blog!!!!

After the waterfall we went back to Bajawa for lunch. We decided to take our meal in one of the Makasan Padang warung near the market and it was very delicious.

After lunch we drove back to the Hotel and fortunately it starts raining when we arrived there. Nobody would do another trip and so I walked at the late afternoon to the market again and enjoyed the vibes and took later one more martabak back to the hotel for my dinner.


their accommodations

Electricity in a traditional village????

Graves like everywhere in Flores, very colored tiles.


He is carrying a popular root for preparing it.

From left, William our guide and the argentinian woman.

children at Bena


hmm, very traditinal and the parking spot in front of the hut.... :(

looks similar to Rinca Island lol

interesting watersystem

domestic animal

graves in other kind

I guess the bottles were for flowers, aren`t they?


They want to sell a lot of  handmade stuff there.

Mini stonehenge

Nobody could tell me what it is.

satelitte antenna at the traditional village

way uphill to the altar

the altar

down in the valley

it was very windy :(

stonehenge once more

the river with the hot spring

locals are washing their laundry there...

green colored from the hot spring 

Very nice and lush vegetation with bamboo on the way to the waterfall.

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