Movie Location of Eat Pray and Love

If I write about Bali, espacially Ubud, most of you remember the movie "Eat, Pray & Love" with Julie Roberts. So, the movie worked for Ubud, for Ketut the healer in the movie and also for the tourism.

When I try to remember the locations of the movie, I got a bifid picture of it. Because nothing matches in reality together, but ok. I guess it`s in every movie similar. They took one scene at this location and the next cut from another location. Anyway, they took the most beautiful locations. If you look apart the touristic areas, you`ll find a different Bali, one that is similar to other sides of Indonesia, which is dirty and where nobody takes care about the pollution of the envirorment.

In total, Bali is an island as all the other too, but with very nice hotspots and very friendly people.

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