Rafting, I never done this before and I will recommended this anybody in every age, because there exists different levels for beginners and experts too.

Do it and do it while you are stay in Ubud! Why? Because of the short way to get to the rivers. It takes too much time getting there from Kuta or somewhere else of the island.

It was one of the best experiences I made on Bali.....and believe me, there were a lot. :)

And I found on this trip THE Bali I expected before arriving there. Lush and plenty green nature with romantic places near hundreds of waterfalls. Spent as much time as you can to be there  if you like nature.

And the way to the start is also very beautiful with great views over Bali:

Sorry for only a few pictures from the trip. They didn`t want to take my camera on the boat, but it is defintately no problem to take with, because they are having a waterproofed bag. Next time I will take it with me.

We buyed a ticket from Padma Office in Ubud  Center. They sold one from Bali Adventure Tours. It costs 225000 with picking up at the hotel and lunch (no drinks!).

The other companys asked for higher prices and they have all the same cruise. May be better life jacket, but having different colors. The biggest difference is when you want to get some pictures of you, jumping down the will only get a picture there by Sobek Company. It is  the most expensive, around 300000.

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