Tabanon, Tanah-Lot, Medewi Beach

My travel buddy Alex and I start in Ubud on a rainy Sunday and drove to Tabanon and Tanah-Lot where we met a nice guy from the Tourist Police at the temple. He allowed us to leave our baggage in his office while we visited Tanah-Lot.


Statue in Tabanon

good spot for surfing

At high tide is the temple offshore.

the altar

This guys were very busy with their portable prints of the pictures.

Golf Club in the background

The priest at the altar.

Because there was not so much more interesting to see in this area, we decided to travel further on the high frequently used main road to the west in direction of Java.

The traffic is one problem, the low speed because of the big trucks a second and the biggest problem is the air pollution from the traffic. Unbelieveable and really deleterious.

That`s the reason why we want visit Negara. Unfortunately there was no more Buffalo Race this Month.

We reached Medewi Beach by darkness in the evening and where happy to get a payable room. On the second view we saw how dirty and terrible the room was and not to mention of the rat running through the restaurant.....

Because of the darkness I saw not very much of the area and decided to make a short trip in the morning up the hills to become an overview about the area. This should be a good decision.

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