Pura Lempuyang

The mountain with seven temples on the way uphill was my last excursion with the topic of temples in Bali.
I was only for taking pictures from Mount Agung on the way for a good location, as I saw the sign for Pura Lempuyang.
Though, I arrived around 5pm there and met a guy named Wyn. He was very friendly and offered me to show me the temple the next day.

Because of a delay at the next morning, we started later then expected and so Wyn had already another group which he guided along the temples.
Anyway, we found our own way uphill........and it was a very very heavy one.....I was never so exhausted like on this day, honestly.

There should be 1700 stairs to heaven, don`t know if this the truth, but in fact it hurts a lot. I felt like being on an pigrims` way.

Way to Pura Lempuyang:

holy bamboo

holy water from bamboo

mixed by normal water

Because of the monkeys????

The view and the experience to be on top and the priest shows me the ceremony with the holly water of the bamboo.......fascinating and amazing at the same time.

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