Padang Bai

Because of our delay starting to Peru Lempuyang in the morning and the exhausting way to the top of the mountain, we travelled in the late afternoon further to Padang Bai. The rain joined us on the way and when we arrived in Padang the main road to the ferry pier was totally flooded. We just reached a dry place under a roof in front of a shop. A rat tried to escapes from the floods as well as lots of cockroaches. They try to climb on the tyres of the motobikes.

It was a scary scenery and I can adapt how some Thais are feeling at this time.

Looking for a acomodation while this heavy rain wasn`t as beautiful, but at the end we find a room, which was ok. Unfortunately we had nearly three hours no electricty in the following hours. After that we went out in restaurant around the corner and they presented a bill which was totally wrong. They asked us more then 100000Rp too much. Unbelievable how they calculate. We can`t imagine how it works.

So, I learned another lesson in Indonesia: I will every time calculate the bill by myself.

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