Ferry to Lombok

The ferries are leaving 24 hours a day in frequence around 1,5 hours. So, no need to hustle.

This ferry was not in the best condition, but the other ones seemed similar.
A kidding guy tried to sell a seat in the cabine for 10000 and a matress for 50000. Sometimes they show on old TV some sports and you can buy before leaving from harbor from some dealers coffee and noodle soup. Don`t forget to negotiate! Later you also buy food and drinks from the shop on board.

It tooks four hours to get to Lombok and when we arrived at Lembar, the harbor in the west of Lombok it was already 5.30pm. Incomprehensibly we cannot put in, we had to wait in the harbor for another two hours, because of other ferries.

So it was already dark when we reached the ground of Lombok and we headed with two big backpacks on one old motobike to the capital Mataram.

Bali East

Padang Bai

Some parts were missed at the ferry :(



Mount Agung, Bali


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