Motobike back to Ubud

Today no pictures, because of no time for stop and taking pictures.

The decision travelling further to Lombok means for me: First I have to bring back my rented motobike to Ubud, because my renter won`t have his bike bringing to the "dangerous" Lombok. Don`t know why every Balinese tells us this "fact". May be they don`t like the Muslims? On Lombok are 90% of the inhabitants Muslims. But I don`t think this is the real reason. The Hindus on Bali are very nice and friendly. This is my experience.

However, I took the shortest and fastest way from Padang Bai back to Ubud. If there were more direction signs it would be faster working. So I needed one and half hour because of the wrong direction one time.

I passed a lot of villages in fast manner and kept Gianyar in memory as a very big and dirty city with to much traffic.

Back in Ubud I looked for a bus ticket with Gora Transport back to Padang Bai. It costs around 50000Rp. and should take one hour to get there.

The Bus was an old Maxivan and it goes in very slow speed til Gianyar. There he tooks a shortcut which I didnt`t found this morning and we reched Padang Bai after 75 minutes.

It was time to get my baggage and we go by Alex`Motobike up on the ferry, which is around 101000Rp.

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