Lombok - Senggigi Beach

Sometimes I reminded Bali is not very clean, for not saying dirty. But Lombok is really dirty. You will find lot of waste along the streets, I would say everywhere.
The buildings espacially in Sengigi are in desolute condition and it is absolutely incomprehensable why. Nobody was able to tell us the reasons therefor.

Sometimes we hearded about the crises after the bomb attacks in Kuta, Bali 2002. The Tourist flow stopped immediately and they wait til today for more tourists.

They even finished building their new international airport in central Lombok. Be careful the street to there should be by darkness the most dangerous area on the island., This told us a nice guy from the Traffic Police we met on the ferry to Lombok. Everything else should be not dangerous in Lombok.

Back to the airport, it was opened in October 2011 but there are rarely flight somewhere else then Denpasar/Bali.

Apropos dangerous in another also careful when heading to the Gilis by public boat from the harbor of Bangsal.
First the want to charge foreigners a nature parc fee of 5000/person and then you will meet scammers which want to sell expensive tickets for tranfers to the Gilis.

Also if you want to catch the public boat by yourself, be aware of the guys in front of the boat, which sell you the regular ticket plus way: buy it at the small wooden building in front of the public boat by yourself. you will charge 100000/person and it will start til 20 people are on board.

For going to Gili Meno and Gili Air better travel first to Gili Trawangan and take there the Island hopper. It operates twice a day. 9.30 am and around 3-4pm. Departure and frequence depending on a lot of indonesian things. ;)

By the way, if you don`t like to wake up at 4.30am from a rooster or the mosques, use earplugs!!!

Senggigi Beach

Nusa Lembongan in the background.

Shearton Beach

Small reef in front of the beach.

everywhere waste in Lombok....

Mount Rinjani

Burn the waste....also everywhere.

patrol station

Is already christmas time?

nice roof

bbq comcob


little shopping strip in Senggigi

Ganesha, I like it so much.....

The lost city at Senggigi desolute lonely...

So nice, but nobody takes care.

Sunset at Senggigi Beach

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