Gili Trawangan

Best way to get to the Gilis is to drive to Bangsal Harbor in Lombok. Be careful because there is a lot of Scam around the area!!!

The public boat charge 10000/person to Gilis Trawangan and starts as soon as 20 people are on board.

An island with white sandy beaches, espacially in the east, north and south. It`s more rocky in the west. Be careful of low tide in the north. Best is east side for snorkeling and swimming, but don`t head to far away from the beach, because of the drifts.

Don`t be scared about the waste on the whole island......sometimes they burn it at the morning on the beach. Most of the times it will be thrown somewhere......

Most busy area is the east side. Good view from the mountain. Nice sunsets at the west side. Overall a small island. Don`t rent a bicyle, cause often it`s not possible to drove around the whole island because of the deep sand and you have to push the bicycle by hand. Better take a two or three hour walk around the island.

Very interesting is the handling with the Tax. A lot of restaurants charge the Tax including Service. So take a look at the menu first! It depends between 10 and 25%.

We stayed at Pondok Lita, a acommodation in the third row. Quiet and clean with very nice guys who want to teach everybody bahasa indonesia. But they also want to learn different languages to talk with their guests too.
Absolutely recommended!!!

The biggest discounter in Germany. This one here adapted only the name.

Map of the Gilis

The typical boats in this area.

Gili Meno in the back.

View to Lombok. It`s raining there.......most of the times while my stay on the Gilis.

My travel buddy Alex in Bali, Lombok and the Gilis.

young turtles 

Nice Beach Bar at the East Side

End of the East Side

Here they got the Saltwater for the water system of the island.

Nice Beaches on the north side.

A Bar at the West side of Trawangan, totally lonely.

really nice for sunset and will wake-up at 4pm til sunset......believe me!

The whole island is very dry.

How to transfer people and also everything else.....

also the west side of Trawangan

looks like a magic mushroom ;)

Nice restaurant of a hotel at the south of Trawangan, also very nice people there.

The other side of Trawangan. Nobody takes care about the environment....waste everywhere....

View from the hill to Meno, Air and Lombok

Lombok is also in sight of the south of Trawangan

How the locals live.....


and a lot of goats.

view downhill to the west side 

on top of the hill

Lombok again....

Gili Meno and Gili Air behind

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