Ulu-Watu is a small temple, located on the southwest side of the peninsula Nusa Dua of Bali.
There are lots of aggressive monkeys. They are well trained for getting food from visitors. Pay attention, otherwise you will find your sunglasses in a different kind of using ;)

Temple of Ulu-Watu at sunset

Nice sculptures on the way to Ulu-Watu

Monkey in Action ;)

View from the temple to the cliff

very lush nature around the temple

Unacountable monkeys around the area. Be aware of them, otherwise you might loose your sunglasses or camera. Some of them are trained to take that stuff and you will get it not every time back. You can only try to give them bananas instead. Sometimes it works, sometimes not......

Tourist with monkey

Mass spectacle on the tribune for the hundreds of visitors, only carried there for sunset.

After dinner.

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