Flying to Flores

After recovering from my worse cold, I decided to take a flight to Flores. And also my travel buddy Alexander told me to skip the island Sumbawa. There is nothing really interesting on the way and the streets are sometimes in a very bad conditions.

Flores is the home of the Komodo National Park and also the unique crater lakes at Mt. Kelimutu in the East part of Flores.

It`s a very short flight and I choose Merpati Airlines this time.

You will see on every airport in Indonesia VIP Passengers, where they used the red carpet.


On the way to the East it was getting more and more cloudy and some of them looked interesting too.
Doesn`t it look like a flying bird or like the aircraft of the TV-Comic-Series "Käptn Balu"? ;)


Coralles at the Flores Sea

The sky didn`t looked so pretty while arriving in Labuan Bajo.

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