Maumere and Flight to Kupang, West-Timor

After a more relaxed drive as from Bajawa to Moni, we arrived at Maumere and were totally surprised about the landscape. It looked very dry and dirty.

Our lady from Argentina overdid it again with the bargaining at the hotel, nearly 13km outside of Maumere. I didn`t like the beach, the room and at least the price (150000-250000) for the accomodation.

That`s why I went with the driver back to town. I took a couple with me. They joined us on our ride from Moni to Maumere. So we went to the Office of Immigration, where they want to pick up there Visa extension. The people at the Immigration where totally friendly when I asked about different adresses in Maumere and I heard later, that the government changed the head of this office, because of too much corruption a few weeks ago.

Next, I tried to find Karinus, a guy I met before the departure from Denpasar to Labuan Bajo at the airport, a few weeks ago. He gave me in those days his adress, but it wasn`t easy to find his home. Unfortunately he had not been at home and so I looked further for a hotel.

I decided to stay at the Gardena Hotel. Actually, I wouldn`t do this again, because the room was not clean and the bed was used already. Anyway, it was the cheapest I found and I didn`t want to spend more then one night in Maumere. Although I met a very nice guy, a journalist in front of an internet cafe in Maumere.
He spokes a good English (Felix is his name and he is a journalist and lived already there) and he offered me a lot of informations about West-Timor.

This evening where a lot of blackouts in Maumere and at some places I felt like after a bomb attack. So I went on the shortest way to a travel-agency to book a flight out of Maumere.

After talking with Felix, I was sure for traveling to Kupang in West-Timor. The alternative destination was going further to the East, exactly to Alor, where they hunt whales with small boats and purer muscle power. But Felix asked a friend and he told him, there is no chase right now.

I booked a flight with Batavia Air, because last time was big delay with Merpati Airlines and everybody told me afterwars "...of course, that`s usual....". The flight wasn`t cheap, but the departure was on the next day. I didn`t know this time, that this flight will have a big delay too.

The lady at the travel agency give me a good advice for dinner and so I joined a small warung called Sahya Indah. I had to be carefull walking there, because the locals throw without notice a lot of fireworks on the street. Can`t tell you why they did this. I was not able to find out what reason is to do that.

Later I looked for a internet cafe and on the way back I felt the scam of the ojeks (Motobike taxi) in Maumere too. You should not pay more then 5000Rp. in Maumere (also if you want to go to the airport, just ask the next driver)!

Next day the flight was schedule for around 1pm, so I left at 11am my hotel heading by motobike to the airport. Before I talked while having breakfast with a tour guide at the hotel, who told me that they hunt last week six whales in Alor. :( Hmmmm, now I decided already to fly to Kupang......I got this information to late.

When I arrived at the airport, they told me directly at the check-in that there will be a delay and the new departure will be at 4pm. The bad thing was: What to do on such a small airport without internet or duty free? The good thing was, I got a lunch and drink for free. Lunch in this case means fried rice with chicken. Anyway I was positive surprised. Honestly I was not anymore hungry, because I ate already at the second floor at a small restaurant a soup.

While I had my soup, two ladies from Belgium joined me and we talked about traveling and experiences in Indonesia. It seemed that they had not so much luck and good experiences on their way to the East. I cannot say so much negative about my travel to Maumere. Sometimes you have only to smile and take another way to get to your goal.

Apropos, it was totally easy to get in and out of the secured zone of the airport. After the second time changing the location, nobody wants to see my small backpack again......hmmm....

Airport of Maumere

This is one of 12 VIP`s and the reason for the delay. They are part of the head of the police in Maumere and had their last day. Sorry for this bad picture......but I am not a papparazzi.

Small ceremony with red carpet in front of the plane.

The view wasn`t really good, because the condition of the window, better the airplane at all wasn`t very well.

Another vulcano.

The Coastline along Maumere with the beach to the West.

Nice clouds were forming at the sky.

The clouds starting to glow at sunset.

An amazing rainbow above the sky.

sorry for the mirroring....the wonderful small island Kera in front of Kupang

First view on Kupang while sunset.

Harbor of Kupang.

Kupang Center

sky in fire

red colored sea in the background

Safe landing in Kupang.

Because of the delay from the departure in Maumere, I arrived in Kupang when it was getting dark already and it was one of the last flights arriving in Kupang too.

The taxi driver at the airport asked 60000Rp and I didn`t want to pay so much. Asking an motobike driver ended up in a fiasco. The speak just a little bit english and I was happy again for a few sentences in bahasa Indonesia. Anyway, the didn`t know the Jalan Sumatra, one of the biggest streets in the central of Kupang.

That`s why walked out of the airport and tried my luck on the way to the city. And after a lot of useless guys, I met a friendly, his name is Phil. I was first a little bit suspicious, but he was so friendly and he is a christian too. And he knew the street as well. At least he drop me off at the Jalan Sumatra in front of my Guest House, called Lavalon. Thanks again mate!!!!

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