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At Lavalon I met Sina and Tom. A german - uk - couple on their way from Australia to South-East-Asia.
They had a great idea making money for supporting the "just-one" project for street kids in Nepal, called travel 4 more.

Back to the project. They want to raise a fund for the streetkids of Nepal. I like that idea and so I want to tell you about their intension. For more information about the project, great pictures and good travel stories have a look on their website. You will find their website in german and english.

When I met this guys, they just want to enter the big Pelni ferry to Surabaya in Java. I got a few interesting hints and they told me about East-Timor, which should be my next destination.

I wish you guys a lot of support for your project and take care on your journey back to Europe.

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  1. Hallo Dieter! Herzlichen Dank fuer diesen Post - wie schoen hier ueber travel4more zu lesen! Ich sehe gerade, dass du das hier schon im Dezember gepostet hast! Wir sind mittlerweile in China angekommen und warten augenblicklich in Peking auf visa, bevor es die Seidenstrasse entlang geht.
    Ganz liebe Gruesse und besten Dank!
    Tom und Sina

    P.S.: Die Seite gibts auch auf Englisch :) ! Alles Liebe und gute Reise!!


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