Oenasu Waterfall Kupang

Today I rented a motobike for half a day (40000Rp) from a guide who is working sometimes for travellers at the Lavalon GH. It was more convenient then looking for a rental station  somewhere in Kupang.  And I got some hints for my way to Oenasu waterfall.

Driving out of town felt good, because the area around Kupang is a lush nature with a lot of rocks. So, totally different to Flores, the island I have been before.  And it was a good way to get in contact with local people after being upset with the german guy at Lavalon.

On the way to the waterfall were a lot people going to church and there are many christian circles in this area.
The people along the way were friendly but the locals at the waterfall surpassed all my experience.

I talked with so much people there and everybody wanted to take a picture with my company. It was amazing and finally, a few guys accompanied me to the Lasania Beach, where I met other local people and hints about Timor-Leste.

Less pleasant was to see a may be six year old child with a gun in the hand, which looked very real and his parents werde close.

Afterwards I tried to get to Ramahjana Mall and got totally wet on the way. So, I headed back to the Guest House. The temperature cooled down in a few minutes and I shivered because of the breeze on the motobike when I arrived at the Lavalon.

Anyway, that was a perfect day for me and I am happy to be in West-Timor and looking forward to the next experience.


Fantastic trees and their roots around the rocks.

A lush nature.

I fall into her trap.

The locals warned me for this kind of spider, after I trapped in her net. 

a lovely couple ;)

Nice guys, they accompanied me to Lasania Beach too.

first attempt 

second attempt: .....I gave him just a few hints ;)

my lovely frogs :(.....everywhere

One was not enough.....I trapped a second time into another net. :(

Lasania Beach

I know, it looked already like rain at the horizont......anyway I tried my luck to get back to the mall.

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