Crystal Cave, Tabalolong and Air Cinta Beach

My last trip to Oenasu Waterfall was so amazing that I planed another one by motobike (60000Rp for an automatic one for the whole day).
I read about a Crystal Cave, somewhere around Kupang. There are no directions to find at the internet and so I asked a guide at Lavalon for the way.

He was very helpful and I rented already two days ago his motobike. Another two guys, Pieter from Belgium and Eva from Russia joined me. He speak already really good bahasa Indonesia, coz he had a girlfriend in Sulawesi a few years ago and lived there for a few years.

It was just a short ride til the cave and it was easy to find with the description and there were some locals too. They just finished their visit, but after we arrived they stayed and joined us. With there help it was easy to find the entry. That`s what I like in Indonesia, the people were so friendly and helpful, even if they can`t speak English.

The water was very cold and it was totally dark. After the sun was on the highest point the cave get lighted and it was an amazing color of the water.

Be careful climbing over the very sharp rocks at the entrance of the cave. Foolishly I weared Slippers and scratched my sole at one of the rocks. Inside the cave are the rocks very cold, slippery and dirty, but not sharp-edged.

After swimming and cool down, we got hungry and so went just a few hundreds meter in direction to the coast. There was a big police headoffice with a small warung. It seemed that this warung is only for the guys from the police, but their waving looked inviting for us.

Though we joined them for lunch and it was delicious, we didn`t expect something else. :)

The guys of the polisi didn`t speak English at all, but Pieter led a funny conversation with that guys and at the end everybody wanted to take a picture with us.

Next stop should be Tabololong Beach, but Pieter and Eva stopped for having some alcohol with some other locals while I went further.

The Beach looked for me not really interesting, but I guess there were in the past better days, with less waste and more tourists.......yes, indeed I heard many times, that the tourism took a big role in Kupang 10 years ago. Most of the times they say after the bomb attacks in Bali there was no more tourism, but I guess it was more the rearrangement of Indonesia and so Kupang became the capital of Nusa-Tenggara.

Back to the lush and wonderful nature on the way to the beach. I drove further to the Air Cinta Beach and this beach shows definetely that there were some better days of the tourism in this area. There was more infrusturcture and the beach was not bad.

The Homestay close by looked more like a lonely home then a busy accommodation.

On the way back I made a short break at the Ramahjana Mall, where I got so wet on the way to there two days ago.
This time I got not wet and had best weather conditions today, but I was very thirsty and hungry. So picked some food and drinks and then I got involved with a few crazy local girls. It was very funny, but one of them just want to get my telephone number. Unfortunately she can`t speak English, or should I say fortunately? Coz she was jabbering without break, unbelieveable.

However, I had a lot of fun with them and bowed out later.


This tree is a good signpost.

The entrance of the Crystal Cave is hided very well.

The locals are happy to show us around and to join us.
Pieter, the guy from Belgium on the right side.

We looked inside the cave and saw......nothing. :)

It´s very dark inside. Don`t forget a torch!

They had a lot of fun with us.

The water looked not really interesting.....

As longer we wait for the sun, the color gets more beautiful.



Pieter tried first the cool water.

They want to show us how it works. :)






Nice color when the sun reached the top at the sky.



Last picture before they left.
Eva and some locals in front of the cave.

Near the police headquarter.

Beautiful nature and view in the West of Kupang.

This guy looked not stressed, just dazzled by the sun.

In front of the village at Tabololong Beach a big hill of waste.

Close to the new church.

What a shame.....

Tabololong Beach......without words......

I didn`t want to swim here.

The beginning of Air Cinta Beach.

On the right you`ll see the Tabololong Beach.



On the way back to Kupang.

wonderful vegetation

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