c l i B

In the meanwhile I am two and a half week in my new environment and have to say.....I like it!

I am used to live in this stuffy, noisy, exhausting and vibrating city.

Back to the original idea of this posting: Bangkok is like a big magnet which attracts plenty of interesting people, espacially in the creative sector.

I met already very interesting guys and I still do. I started doing this, because I had plenty of questions to a special topic and my intention was to get more knowledge about their work or insider information.

And surely I am not the only one, which is interested to know more or get some background informations.

Primarily I want to show the life and work of creative people in Bangkok. I like to have a conversation in a relaxed location, so we are talking about everything we both are interested in and my conversational partners offering sometimes more that I can publish, but that's life. I try to omit as less as possible. The stories are already to long, I know that. :( .....Nevertheless it is fascinating to listen to their experiences and stances to the topics we discuss.

And by the way, it is a fantastic possibility to get a look behind the curtain of Thailand's "famous" culture. ;)

For this reason I started a new project, called

"c  l  i  B"

It means "creatives living in Bangkok".

I will publish this dialogs in a kind of interview. Simoultanesly, I don't want to work it out like an strong question and answer-interview. I prefer a flowing conversation......the last word leads us to the next topic.....

The topics are various: 


The conspicuous third gender in Thailand and the warped view of western people about it.
(coming next)


A make-up-artist and her background.
(coming next)

I am not tired, looking for further dialog partners.

I like to answer your questions via e-mail at Varekai (et) arcor (dot) de, or leave a comment just below the posting. Whishes are welcome and I will try to integrate your suggestions into the project.

This type of conversation is indeed reminiscent of the one interview, but these discussions are conducted in a very relaxed atmosphere and you shouldn't judge strictly about the composition.

These interviews (which I don't record) are a combination of free conversation and some prepared questions, which are not used often. I am writing only catchwords during the conversation and I try to report as neutral as possible, but of course, you can read my opinion between the lines.

The subjective opinion is always the invisible pen for the written word.

And before I start sprawling again, I hope you enjoy reading this article.


  1. I am loving this type of blog posts, and it inspires me to do my own interviews too. I actually started already, interviewing female solo travelers. But it took a LOT of time! I read your interviews/profiles of the people you met and I really admire the time you have spent on them. Maybe I can go back to my female solo traveler series... Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Aleah, for me it is more interesting to write about people and their passion than writing only about a travel destination.
      Yes, do it again. Share your interesting meet up's with other travellers. :)


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